Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Burger Broiler

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Freshly Ground & Never Frozen, Simply Delicious!

Burger Broiler in Burien WA 
Since we opened our doors in 2012 in Tacoma, WA, our place has become a popular spot for families, young and old who enjoy our great burgers, friendly personnel and beautiful decor. And we keep growing! Our Burien location opened in the Summer 2016 and we are currently working on our newest location in Yakima, WA. We believe that a good burger starts with great meat! Fresh meat grounded daily and marinated with our own recipe is the secret. We only serve selected potatoes, hand-cut to perfection to give you the crunchiest light fries fried to order in 100% pure cholesterol-free vegetable oil. But, the great burger experience doesnʼt stop there! We hand-leafed our lettuce and our tomatoes and onions are the juiciest and freshest. Plus, you can also enjoy the original “Old Fashion” experience of a delicious shake, because we blend each of our shakes with fresh fruits, just as they should be.
Our philosophy is that our customers deserve to enjoy the best food surrounded by a relaxing and clean atmosphere, and thatʼs exactly what we do in our establishments. They are kept clean and joyful for you and your family to have a pleasant time. No wonder why we have proudly been chosen as one of the Best Burger places in Tacoma and Burien. So far, so good! So come visit us at any of our locations, we are sure weʼll have you back again and again

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TACOMA: 10:00AM - 11:00PM

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